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About Us

At TransPro Logistics, Inc., we know that the best engineering, testing, manufacturing, quality control and marketing efforts a company can make are easily rendered worthless if "the goods" can't be delivered properly, reliably and on-time.

TransPro Logistics, Inc. specializes in expedited, truckload freight movement. This is accomplished with our network of "best of breed" carriers. Our trucks move with team drivers, when required, capable of round the clock travel. It's no wonder we have become the "solution of choice" for airfreight forwarders, airlines, and other expedited cartage companies and shippers. Our multilingual staff gives international shippers piece of mind.

TransPro Logistics was founded to meet the varied transportation needs of progressive companies and logistics providers both in the United States and around the world. With our staff's combined experience of over 75 years of traffic management, we are truly able to move your freight with confidence. This experience, along with state of the art technology, our fleet of top of the line road hardware, and "around the world" partnerships, has made TransPro Logistics, Inc. the choice of airfreight forwarders, expeditors, and other discerning shippers.

From the smallest piece of airfreight to the largest piece of oversized cargo, you can trust TransPro Logistics, Inc. to do the job right.

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Corporate Address
PO Box 1189
Eden, NC 27289
Phone: (336) 864-7021

You may make further inquiries by e-mail:
TransPro Logistics, Inc.
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